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Shelbian Denton
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Shelbian Denton


Mango Maids provide a 24-Hour* service guarantee. In the unlikely event, we miss an area or did not clean a section as per your satisfaction, we will resend a team to complete the service.

We at Mango Maids, understand the importance of your time and thus offer a SAME DAY GUARANTEE. Once booked with Mango Maids, we will not cancel the appointment**. If we do, the service is on us.

Mango Maids

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Sergey Gusiatin

Citrus Cleaning Inc.

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Maria Dwulit

Chores Enterprises

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Ritvars Sirmais

Gulliver Cleaning services is equipped to clean your home or apartment quickly, efficiently and professionally. Our approach to housekeeping maintenance includes transparent, affordable and reliable service. We go to great lengths to ensure that your ho

Gulliver Developments Inc.

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Residential cleaning services in Calgary

Home cleaning in Calgary can be exhausting especially for working people or for owners of large houses. Whatever the reason for your desire not to clean up your house, a home cleaning service in Calgary can be highly recommended to perform the task. A professional cleaner will give you the assurance that they will perform the job properly and that the work will be done right the first time. 

Finding a company that offers the necessary type of cleaning is not a difficult task since Calgary home cleaning services are quite widespread. However, it is worth paying some attention to finding a home cleaning company in the city of Calgary that will meet your needs.

The core business of Calgary residential cleaning services cover:

  • House cleaning;
  • Condo cleaning;
  • Apartment cleaning;
  • Exterior house cleaning.

The main difficulty that you may face is the large workload of the maids who come to your house. Thus, you will have to book your visit in advance. Calgary is a very busy city. Operating hours for most cleaners vary depending on the season. Providers of home cleaning services Calgary are very busy in spring and fall since many homeowners order deep cleaning of their homes at this time. So be sure to schedule your condo cleaning services in Calgary when necessary and get your home or business in top shape as soon as possible!

Some cleaners are only willing to clean at specific times for example cleaning at night, so make sure you check their hours before committing to any house cleaning Calgary jobs

How to hire home cleaning in Calgary AB?

Any Calgary house cleaning service should always have clear instructions on what is expected of them and an understanding of their time limits. To find a reliable maid in Calgary to do house cleaning jobs ask neighbors or coworkers for recommendations. Recommendations from these people are often trustworthy because they have already experienced the services first hand.

Another way in finding the best house cleaning service in Calgary is to visit the Fee4Bee website and review customer testimonials. Before booking a job with a specific company, you can interview several cleaners to decide which one will get the job done better. It will give you the opportunity to learn more about the professionalism and skills of each contractor. 

Ask the performer if they will be taking care of your upholstery, drapes, carpets, kitchen appliances, shelves, drawers, and shelves. If they don't have specific tools, be sure to ask what they need to perform the job done. 

Once you have made a shortlist of potential Calgary apartment cleaning services, it's time to contact each of the companies to inquire about their house cleaning rates. Find out how long they will clean your home since most of the cleaners in Calgary have an hourly rate. Do not underestimate the importance of concluding the job contract. 

House cleaning Calgary prices

Using cleaning services can be an additional expense, but the benefits far outnumber the extra cost. House and apartment cleaning services in Calgary that offer added convenience and professional cleaning can free up time for you both for work and family.

At the same time, there are different options of how to contract a residential cleaning in Calgary. Finding maid for house cleaning jobs in Calgary can be more cost-effective than hiring a cleaning company to do the work. 

It's a good idea to ask a potential performer the way how they estimate the job. Some of them may ask for a photo and tell the approximate Calgary house cleaning prices, while others will charge a fixed amount per sq. meter.

Ask how many hours the work will be performed and whether they will pick up the detergent and tools to your residence. Cleaners who use your tools usually charge CAD $25-30 per hour, while cleaning companies staff bring their inventory and cost CAD $35-45 for the same time. If you are willing to pay the price they charge they will deliver exceptional results every single time.

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