All performers and contractors for different types of services in one place

For employees

If you’re looking for odd jobs or even for the main one you can add your profile to our platform and get a lot of interesting and highly paid jobs. Every finished task grows your profile rating which helps you to appear higher in search results and get more tasks than you can do.
There more than 10000 professionals working with us

For employers

Everyday tasks make you crazy? Or you need something very weird or specific? It doesn’t matter. You can find employees for any task you need here and now. Look through testimonials and ratings, compare the prices, and choose the best employee for your work.
Working directly
We will help you to find the right performer. You will work with him directly inside your project
Create project
Invite all of our community to participate in your project. A performers will send you proposals and you can choose the suitable one.

Referral System

The main goal of Fee4bee is to show people that you can earn money for simple sharing links. Every registered person who will use your link goes to your profile as your referrer. You’re going to earn money for any deal that he or she is making through the platform. You can see your earnings in your private account information and use this money to pay for your own hires, or, withdraw them to your personal bank card.

Main advantages

Using Fee4bee you’ll get a lot of advantages such as: huge database of confirmed workers and customers; only real testimonials and ratings; simple interface where you can easily compare prices for works that you need; unique referral system when you can get real money sharing your loved one app; safety payment system - you pay only when work is done and you are satisfied with it’s result
Huge base of confirmed and verified employees and clients who are ready to work with you
Safe payment system - you pay only when the work is done and you are satisfied with the result
Only real reviews and ratings, we exclude cheats and purchased reviews
A unique referral system where you can receive real money only by sharing with your circle of works and contractors you like
Simple interface where you can easily compare prices for work and ratings of the contractors you need
The ability to choose both a specific performer and receive offers from everyone
> 50 000
satisfied customers
Thanks a lot!
For a long time I could not find a worthy contractor for the manufacture of furniture in Calgary, but thanks to the Fee4Bee service, I talked to several and in just a day I chose the best one. Thank you very much for making the purchase of a service no more difficult than purchasing a product in an online store. Good luck to your team!
Jackson D.
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