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Mango Maids provide a 24-Hour* service guarantee. In the unlikely event, we miss an area or did not clean a section as per your satisfaction, we will resend a team to complete the service.

We at Mango Maids, understand the importance of your time and thus offer a SAME DAY GUARANTEE. Once booked with Mango Maids, we will not cancel the appointment**. If we do, the service is on us.

Mango Maids

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Sergey Gusiatin

Citrus Cleaning Inc.

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Maria Dwulit

Chores Enterprises

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Ritvars Sirmais

Gulliver Cleaning services is equipped to clean your home or apartment quickly, efficiently and professionally. Our approach to housekeeping maintenance includes transparent, affordable and reliable service. We go to great lengths to ensure that your ho

Gulliver Developments Inc.

Move-in cleaning in Calgary

You probably know that moving into a new home requires thorough cleaning. However, you don't have the time or the equipment to clean every inch of your new home. That's where professional move-in cleaning services in Calgary come in. This can save you both time and money. 

Here are some reasons to hire move-in house cleaners:

  1. Calgary move-in cleaning services are specially designed to remove dirt and dust for new tenants. 
  2. Move-in cleaning guarantees to remove all traces of previous tenants, and various debris and dirt.
  3. The professionals have the right tools and equipment to get move-in cleaning jobs in Calgary done thoroughly;
  4. Move-in cleaners may also clean the interior and exterior of a house.
  5. It's better to hire the cleaners a day or two before moving to ensure a stress-free move-in.

How to hire move-in cleaners near me?

If you moving into a new home in Calgary and are worried about the stress and effort of cleaning, hiring a move-in cleaning contractor is the way to go. You can book the cleaning service before move-in on the Fee4Bee website. You may also schedule the move-out cleaning after leaving your previous dwelling.

These professionals will get all surfaces of your home spotless and eliminate allergens. Many of these companies use specialized tools and techniques to make your house look pristine longer.

Moving-in cleaning in Calgary is a great way to ensure that you're settling into your new home in the fastest time possible. Having a team of professionals to do this will free up your time, transfer utilities, and explore a neighbourhood. 

When hiring Calgary move-in cleaners, it's essential to consider the time commitment and cost involved. To get the desired result, choose a contractor for move-out or move-in cleaning in Calgary with a good rating and feedback from customers on Fee4Bee. Next, discuss with them all the details, ask what detergents they use, and in what time frame they will complete the work.

Short move-in cleaning checklist

The cleaners will have everything they need for the work, including vacuum cleaner,  floor cleaner, concentrated cleaning liquid, and scouring powder. They will also come with microfibers and protective gear including goggles, gloves, and masks.

Move-in cleaning services include everything from surfaces to appliances:

  • wiping walls and wallpaper; 
  • washing floors and baseboards;
  • dusting furniture and surfaces;
  • disinfecting frequently touched knobs and switches;
  • cleaning window blinds and frames; 
  • wiping light fixtures and fan; 
  • cleaning the toilet and sink in a bathroom; 
  • degreasing kitchen appliances.

Cost of move-in cleaning in Calgary

The cost of move-in cleaning services will depend on the size of the housing and the level of service you want. Here are some common services and their costs:

studio apartment 

CAD $130;

medium-sized condo

CAD $410;

three-bedroom house

CAD $690.

These costs can increase if the cleaners need to make repairs to carpet stains or wall marks. Some house cleaning services charge extra for green products. They can increase the cost by up to 15percent. If you want the service to be more eco-friendly, you should ask your cleaner in advance.

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