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Accountability & Commitment We consistently meet our obligations by delivering our projects on time and within budget. Respect for the Individual We highly respect our people and work hard towards their development and well being . Teamwork & Communication We believe our capacity to meet and defy challenges with all our excellent team of experts, technicians, engineers and other workers who are very sincere and dedicated and always striving for delivering the best result to you. ​Striving for Excellence We continue to learn and improve to excel in everything we do do get better result all the time Concern for Quality, Safety & Environment We never compromise on quality, safety and our responsibility towards the environment

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General contractors in Calgary

The term general contractor is used to refer to the professional services that can be obtained by various companies in the Calgary area. The most common kinds of jobs that Calgary general contractors often perform are organizing and watching over remodelling and construction projects, and redecoration of homes. 

An experient specialist will be able to find the subcontractors, build the schedule and control the performance of all the works:

They can cope with a lot of other types of projects according to architectural plans and designs.

How to choose the best general contractors in Calgary?

Calgary general contractor is responsible for doing the whole construction project from start to finish. This is a specialist responsible for meeting deadlines, fitting the budget and the quality of the final result. Therefore, it is important for a homeowner to make a thorough research before hiring someone. 

To find top general contractors in Calgary it is necessary to read their previous work and customer reviews. On the Fee4Bee platform, you will be able to see Calgary general contractors’ reviews and rates as well as ask your question to chosen ones.

  1. The first thing that commercial general contractors in Calgary do in order to get any construction job is to check the design project and give their estimation and comments on it;
  2. Contractors can choose to either start the construction process themselves or in cooperation with an architect. There are many contractors that will use the services of an architect and it is highly recommended that he or she be used because of their experience and skills. 
  3. In order for a general contractor to start a project, they have to find the right handymen and subcontractors that are licensed and meet all the requirements in construction and renovation in Alberta. 
  4. Calgary commercial general contractor will put together all of the equipment, purchase the materials that the project requires, and prepare all the conditions for construction work. 
  5. Once everything is ready, the general contractor will monitor the progress of the construction project to get everything done in a timely manner.

When these jobs have been completed, the general contractor can then complete the construction project.

Calgary commercial general contractors’ cost

When it comes to the payment, there are two different ways that the general contractor jobs can be paid. 

The first way is when you pay their interest on. The contractor provides you with receipts for all purchased materials and labour payments. Then they charge a fee of 13 to 20 percent of the total. If you purchase some supplies by yourself, then the general contractor does not receive any percentage of this amount. In this case, you take all the responsibility for the quality and quantity of these supplies.

The second way is payment for the project. Most often, in this scenario, the project is developed by an architect or designer and has a final cost amount. The general contractor gets the whole amount for the subcontractors' fees and materials purchase as well as their flat rate. You should check for the money that is spent during the construction process to ensure that nothing has been replaced by cheap counterparts.

The services of a general contractor are quite expensive. This is because they do hard work so you don't waste money on unnecessary supplies and do not hire other handymen to redo poor work. The additional cost factors can be:

  • Free or chargeable project estimation;
  • Project complexity and personalization;
  • Guarantee for the labour;
  • Full servicing and multi-phase planning.

These contractors are usually the ones who will handle all the construction aspects of the project and have the equipment and the material suppliers that the business uses.


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What are the general contractor's responsibilities in the construction process?
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