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When you are choosing a shelf mounting company in Calgary, you need to make sure that you get all of the facts. There are many companies available that claim to be able to do this type of work, but when you get them in for the first time it is usually too late to complain. You will find that there are pros and cons to mounting shelves in various places in the home. You need to figure out which parts you are going to use before you choose the company in Calgary that you want to use. Here are some things to know about shelf mounting in Calgary.

When you choose a company in Calgary to mount shelves you can expect to pay a lot of money. This is because there are so many options for shelving that you have to choose from. You need to be able to figure out exactly what you are going to need to have installed before you go any further with the installation. If you have an existing shelf then you may have to remove it to get the installation going. The amount of money that you end up paying for the removal and installation depends on the size of the shelf as well as the weight that it has to carry.

If you have some type of railing on the wall then you may not have to remove the whole thing to get to your shelves. The railing may just have to be moved and the shelf will slide right off the track. This is the best case scenario and if you don't have a place for the shelf to go then you can easily install something else. If you do move the railing or the wall, the shelf may not be able to hang properly due to it being connected to two different pieces. You could end up having to hire someone to help you complete this project if you haven't done it before. Even if you have it done right now, you might find that there are a few more things that you have to do before the shelf is up.

If you already have a wall that the shelf is going to be attached to then you are in pretty good shape. The only thing left to do after that is to mount the shelf to the studs in the wall. For most homes this should be accomplished by nailing the shelf to the bottom stud through the wall and into a place where you want it to be. Most people will put a plate between the studs anyway so that it can be held in place and also have a little bit more holding power should the shelf begin to fall.

If your wall isn't already attached to a stud then you are going to have to install some studs. You can usually purchase kits that will allow you to do this easily at a local hardware store. You can install the shelf yourself if you are a bit handy but most people prefer to call in a pro for this type of task. If you choose to install the shelf yourself then take your time and double check everything. It's better to be safe than sorry with this type of job.

After you have installed the shelf and all of the necessary hardware and shelving, you are ready to install the trim. This part is going to run right up to the edge of the shelf and connect to the wall or fence. Take your time with this step, it's very important that it fits just right and is even. You don't want anything to be left hanging when you are re-mounting the shelf later on.

Once you are finished installing the trim, take your time and clean up any debris that might have gotten on the shelf while you were installing. If you haven't already installed a cover on the shelf, it would be a good idea to go ahead and do so now. The cover will be there in case something was to happen to the shelf while you were working or to protect it from damage in the future.

Installing the shelving in Calgary is not difficult. When you are finished installing the shelf take your time and make sure everything is installed properly. You don't want to buy a shelf that is not even sturdy. If you are installing it in the basement or garage and have wet or damp walls, you will need to install a little extra padding in order to make the shelf last as long as possible. Taking proper care of your shelving will help it to last for many years to come.

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