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So you want to remove your old mattress but are not sure how much mattress pick-up & removal in Calgary will cost. In this article, we will explain more about mattress pickup and removal in Calgary. A mattress is a bedding item made of various layers consisting of a base, an inner layer, a layer of padding, and an outer layer. When people buy a mattress, the retailer offers a free mattress to get the customer in the store. Retailers offer mattress pick-up and removal services for those who need them.

Mattress pickup and removal in Calgary can be done either by the retailer or by a mattress pick-up and removal company. The mattress pieces should be removed from the delivery lot before the customer arrives. Retailers usually do not allow the mattress to be put inside their vehicles because of the risk of mattress bacteria growth. Some stores have separate boxes for mattress pieces that are to be removed from the vehicle. Retailers will give details about mattress pickup and removal in Calgary.

By using mattress pickup and removal companies in Calgary, the mattress pieces can be removed from the delivery lot and taken to the customer's residence. If the mattress has been damaged by damage such as spills, leakage, and punctures, the mattress pickup and removal companies may use special pads to protect the mattress. These pads should be removed before the pickup. The customer will be given a checklist that needs to be followed to remove the mattress.

The transportation of the mattress pieces in Calgary should be done only by a professional mattress pickup and removal company. A mattress that has been wet will cause the mold and mildew to grow. Calgary transporting company should open all mattress pieces and thoroughly vacuum the dirt and soil away from the mattresses so that no damage occurs to the mattress during the removal and pickup process. The mattress should then be laid out flat on a dry surface.

Once the mattress is laid out flat it should be covered with plastic sheets. This protects the mattress during the transportation and pickup process. After the plastic sheet is on the mattress, the customer should take the mattress pieces one at a time and place them into their car boot. Special pads should be used to protect the mattress from the weather. The mattress should be left in the vehicle for a minimum of 24 hours. During this time the mattress should not be disturbed or moved in any way.

When the mattress is removed from the vehicle the removal personnel will place it inside the customer's vehicle. They will secure the mattress pieces by placing duct tape around both sides and the top. Dampened springs will result if the mattress is not properly secured during the transportation and pickup process. The mattress should then be placed inside the customer's garage or storage shed for removal.

Once the mattress is removed from the garage or storage shed the mattress should be laid out flat and a padlock placed around the mattress pieces. A padlock will prevent any items from being pried from the mattress during the pickup and removal process. A dolly should be used to place all mattress pieces on. The dolly should be put under the mattress where it can support all mattress parts. Wheels should be turned in reverse position to remove the mattress from the dolly. If the mattress is a hardwood floor mattress, special skid-proof skids should be used.

Once the mattress is removed from the dolly, all items that were attached should be carefully removed. All straps or ties on the mattress pieces should be removed. All sharp items should be cut. If sharp objects are used during the removal and pickup process, they should be placed in a box. All excess mattresses should be packed in cardboard boxes. Mattress pick-up and removal in Calgary should be done quickly to prevent damage to the mattress or other items that might be in the truck.

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