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Winter is the best time to have a winter pool in Calgary. The weather is pleasant and the waters are warm, ready for jumping in and enjoying. But, winter pool maintenance isn't as simple or as quick as summer, especially if you have an above ground pool. In Calgary, lakes and ponds aren't a winter wonderland. The city takes winter seriously, which is why it's important to have a winter pool maintenance company on call to keep your pool sparkling and beautiful year round.

If you're planning on swimming in your new winter backyard oasis, you'll first need to winterize your pool. This can be done easily by wrapping the pool with a tarp and securing it to a sturdy table or post. This will keep out most of the cold, so you can start swimming and enjoying immediately. You can also purchase a winterizing chemical that will do the trick without any chemicals at all.

While wrapping the pool and applying a chemical is essential, the real magic comes with drain cleaning during the winter months. When it starts to get cold outside, you simply open up your pool, remove the cover, and dump the water out. The water will likely freeze at this point, but don't panic because this is perfectly normal. As soon as the water freezes, you can drain it safely into a bucket or your garden hose.

Drainage systems are different in every city, but typically include a catch basin that's used to drain out the water after your guests have finished swimming. Most basins require a simple twist or turn to be turned off, but some require a key. If you're unsure how to operate the system, ask for assistance. At this point, you should drain the water from the basin and put a cover over it. Now you can begin your winter pool maintenance in Calgary. Make sure to schedule an appointment with a professional to install a new filter and heater.

This may sound like overkill, but it's important to drain all the water out of your pool no matter how frozen it is. If it's been several months, you should drain it anyway. However, if you wait until the winter months start to make contact with the ground, you're risking the possibility of the pipes collapsing. Even if they aren't showing signs of damage yet, winter water can easily freeze and burst, leaving behind high-pressure and low-pressure areas of water within the system. This can lead to serious flooding and personal injuries.

Now that the water is drained, you can start up your winter pool maintenance in Calgary. It's always best to check the filters on a regular basis to make sure they are running properly. If they aren't, change them as soon as possible. Also, check the heater to make sure it's functioning properly, then run a test on the emergency stop mechanism.

After you have done these basic maintenance tasks, make sure you read and follow the manufacturer's instructions for the type of pump you have. They are different for every model. Never make any adjustments to the machine while it's on. This could lead to serious injury if something were to fall down while you are working. As always, follow these recommendations for proper winter pool maintenance in Calgary.

Winter pool maintenance in Calgary can be a fun and easy task when you have the proper information. Of course, if you aren't sure what you're doing, you can always call in a professional. There are a variety of winter pool maintenance services around for you to choose from. Look into them before deciding on which one to take on. If you need winter pool maintenance in Calgary before the winter months begin, make sure you get all the work done before the first snow falls. You'll have time to enjoy your swimming pool once it's winter-free!

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